Turbo Perfo - AERIS 

«Engineered for Racing» 

In addition to the aftermarket, AERIS offers the custom manufacturing of "Perfo" turbos for exceptional applications.

Borgwarner base and specific AERIS components!

(Lightened rotor, forged compressor wheel, optimized air gaps, Titanium, fine balancing)

But AERIS is also innovation around new high temperature materials, ever more precise manufacturing processes, even lighter materials for the 4 wheel and flying applications of tomorrow.

Smart TurbO2 - « Design to Print »

AERIS has a solid design office specializing in the design and production of Rotor / Shaft & Wheel, bearing and casing system of TURBO, thus integrating the entire technological value chain of a Turbomachine, at a very competitive cost, and a Lean - SixSigma - Materials approach.

We thus push the limits of materials by mastering their manufacture. We offer very high temperature reduced inertia rotors by using new designs, innovative and light materials, intermetallic, ceramic and titanium alloy for exceptional applications.

Crédit photo : © Zapata 2020 / AirBoard

«Engineered for Racing»  

   Conçu pour la course

From the lightened rotor to the forged compressor wheel passing through optimized air gaps, AERIS offers you high-precision fitted mounting and fine balancing of your original TURBO so that your Boxer can deliver all its power.

Official distributor of Borgwarner 3K Turbos, the only manufacturer of original parts, we guarantee the best of TURBO technology with 100% of parts approved by PORSCHE.

We also offer new 3K BorgWarner Turbos to re-manufacture your original Turbos, with improved compressor stage efficiency for even more performance.

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